Cyberoam UTM

Cyberoam’s product range offers network security (Cyberoam UTM appliances), centralized security management (Cyberoam Central Console appliances), centralized logging and reporting, endpoint data protection (Cyberoam Endpoint Data Protection appliances) to corporations.

Cyberoam UTM provides comprehensive Internet security by integrating a range of security features Firewall – VPN (SSL VPN & IPSec), Gateway Anti-Virus, Anti-Spyware & Anti-Spam, Intrusion Prevention System (IPS), Content & Application Filtering, Web Application Firewall in addition to enhanced productivity through Bandwidth Management, Multiple Link Management for Load Balancing and Gateway Failover, over a single platform.

Cyberoam UTM appliances offer many application control options like Instant Messaging Archiving & Control that offers control over chat, file transfer and audio-video over IMs; managing http upload by blocking attachments over emails and stopping file transfers over P2P.

Cyberoam UTM’s on-appliance reporting is a unique feature offered by very few other players. Its drill-down reports give details on every type of attack and vector, attacker and victim details, graphical representation of general security trends in organization, which helps organizations with their compliance management procedures.

Cyberoam Layer 8 Security Cyberoam treats “user identity” as the 8th Layer or the HUMAN layer in the network protocol stack. Considering user’s identity as part of the firewall rule matching criteria, Cyberoam attaches user identity to security while authenticating, authorising & auditing the network. This allows you to see the ‘user’ on a network instead of just an IP address, enabling IT managers to uniquely identify users, control Internet activity of these users.

Cyberoam NetGenie Ensure a safe and enjoyable Internet surfing experience for your family with Cyberoam NetGenie. Keep viruses, botnets, intruders and hackers at bay when your family surfs online. Enable access to age-appropriate Internet content for your kids with NetGenie’s age-wise parental controls that block harmful Internet content for kids and allows access to websites and applications that are suitable to their age-group.   NetGenie’s pre-set Wi-Fi security allows you to securely connect your Wi-Fi devices to the Internet as soon as NetGenie is turned on – without requiring any manual settings. NetGenie secures all your devices working over Wi-Fi network including laptops, iPads, smartphones, gaming consoles, and more. You get Internet activity reports and security reports of your home network with NetGenie’s real-time reporting feature.   The NetGenie includes a 3-year security subscription to Parental Controls (Website filtering, Applications filtering), Anti-Virus and Intrusion Prevention System that automatically keeps you updated with the changing Internet threats.   Key Highlights of NetGenie:

  • Go online in minutes with NetGenie’s easy set-up
  • Protect kids from harmful Internet content with age-wise, easy Parental Controls
  • Protect your home network and all devices  from viruses, botnets, hackers and intruders
  • Get secure Wi-Fi for all your devices viz. laptop, Smartphone, computers, tablets and more
  • Share your USB modem Internet connection with family
  • Get real-time Internet activity and security reports
  • Easily configure NetGenie settings through a web-based GUI