Cisco Components

Cisco Active Components complement to our LAN Structured Cabling solution to complete the Network System, starting from the Cisco Foundation technology solutions of Switching & Routing we move up to the Advanced Technology solutions of Security, Unified Communication, Collaboration, Wireless and Data Center Foundation Technology Solutions offered by us:

  • Switching – Three Tier architecture of Core , Distribution and Access
  • Routing – WAN Core and WAN Edge Routers
Advanced & Emerging Technology Solutions offered by us:
  • Network Security – Firewall , VPN , SSL VPN , IPS , NAC , Content Security , End-point Protection , Access Control Servers
  • Wireless LAN – Indoor Access Points, Bridges. Outdoor Access Points , WLAN Controllers Collaboration – Unified Communication , IP Telephony , VOIP , Web-ex
  • Data Center – MDS & Nexus Switches , Unified Computing & Servers , Virtualization

Routers and switches are the building blocks for all business communications from data to voice and video to wireless access. They can improve a company's bottom line by enabling your company to increase productivity, cut business costs, and improve security and customer service. Specifically, routers and switches support: sharing applications, speeding access to information, enhancing customer service, reducing operating costs, improving security, enabling remote connections

Switches: from 2960 Work Group Switches to 6500 Chassis Switches
Routers: from 1900 ISR to 7600 VXR Routers, SR 10000, SR 12000 Series

Unified Communication addresses the challenge today's organizations face with increasingly complex environments and increasingly mobile workers using a wide array of communications methods from an array of locations. With convergence organizations can now conduct business using infinite combinations of voice, video, data, and mobility network applications. Unified communications, IP telephony and IP communications solutions help organizations integrate their communications more closely with business processes and reduce costs. Unified communications allows businesses to collaborate in real time using advanced applications from an integrated, easy-to-use interface like
  • Video conferencing
  • Integrated voice and Web conferencing
  • Mobile IP soft phones
  • Voicemail, and more
  • Telepresence
Call Managers : 7800 Series MCS , BE 3000 , BE 5000 , BE 6000
IP Phones : 3900 , 6900 , 7900 , 8900 , 9900 series

Webex and Telepresence Solutions
Wireless Networking expands the reach of your office LAN and Wi-Fi is a technology that allows computers & other hand-held devices to communicate with no longer requirement for a cable network.
We can help you design a viable wireless topology, recommend appropriate hardware and software components, and integrate access points, LAN client adapters, bridges, antennas and accessories. We can also help you create a wireless security strategy that fits within the security plan for your entire business network.
We setup Wi-Fi Connectivity, Installation and Setup; Business, Apartment Complexes, Events, Trade Shows, Conferences, Meetings, Conventions, Indoor/Outdoor, Permanent/Temporary.
Wi-Fi is a technology that allows computers to communicate via a radio (wireless) link. Since the computer no longer requires a cable for network connection, Wi-Fi allows.
Access Points: From Indoor AP’s & LAP’s, Outdoor AP’s &Bridges to Clean Air LAP’s
WLAN Controllers: 2500 to 8500 and Controller modules

Network Security is imperative in today’s ever expanding networks and business environment, it can defend your vital data, it infrastructure and business processes against attacks and disruption.
Provides the ability to recognize suspicious activity, identify threats, respond to attacks and protect the users with healthy network, it improves network uptime by responding to known, unknown ad blended threats in real time With comprehensive network security architecture we identify, prevent and adapt to threats from internal & external sources and with the secure network platform we provide progressive and layered approach to organization’s security needs Protecting the perimeter of the networks we consolidate the internal resources with robust and intelligent intrustion prevention system and finally we secure the critical endpoints of the organization

Firewall & VPN: ASA5505, 5510, 5512, 5515, 5525, 5540, 5545, 5550, 5585
IPS : Sensors 4200 , 4300 , 4500 , Modules on 6500 chassis
Access Control : NAC Appliance , CSA , CTA , CSACS
Security Management: Cisco Adaptive Security Device Manager , Cisco Security Manager , CS-MARS

Data Center Networking is the core of the network infrastructure in every organization, being the information store house there is a need for highly available, resilient and agile network architecture. We build scalable, intelligent and protective data center networks to ensure optimum utilization of the applications, services ad information With consolidation and virtualization we create a strong network fabric for interconnection and aggregation of servers, systems , storage and applications , we build in the best practices from LAN to SAN in a data center we ensure date integrity , application optimization and responsiveness to ever changing technology advances and business priorities & processes . With the network management tools and applications we ensure ease network deployment, improve operational efficiency, increase network uptime, and reduce total cost of ownership.

Data Center Switching & Routing: 6500 Chassis, 7200 & 7600 VXR , MDS9000 Multilayer Directors and Fabric Switches , Nexus7000 Switches
Data Center Servers: B-series Blade Servers , UCS C-series Rack Servers
Application Networking Services : ACE 4700 , CSS 11500, AON Modules , WAAS